Finding The Right Caravan Under Your Budget

The world can finally rest on the tips of your fingers as you open your eyes wide into the horizon while you drive in your caravan.

Feel the engine rumble and purr, take a deep breath, and step on the pedal towards the unknown. Or in this case, the much-known. Since you’ll be face to face with Australia’s outdoors and all its glory.

But the landscapes and seascapes under the Australian sky aren’t the only aspects that will make your voyage majestic. has all the majestic caravans that will let your journey be magical from beginning to end. That, while being totally budget-friendly.

We like the thought of adding a bit of drama to our introduction, however, rest assured that we aren’t being dramatic when we say that our prices are always right. And we will always make sure they’re right for you.

Who We Are is Aussieland’s ultimate caravan hire & buy one-stop-shop online. We’re proud to be home-grown and to be of service to Australian families and travellers from every region of the Land Down Under.

Instead of going through the hair-ripping, brow-furrowing hassle and confusion of sifting through hundreds of sites that aren’t exactly transparent with what they have and can do, we’ll be upfront with you from Day 1. Tell us what you need and we’ll provide you with choices that will match what you’re in search of.

Furthermore, every family is unique and we intend to pair you with caravans that are a perfect fit not only for your comfort but your way of life as well. This is why we have several vehicles that are just as unique from each other as any. For this reason, we are determined to supply you with vehicles that harmonise with your travelling lifestyle.

In addition to that, here at, our website is full-on candid and out-there, you can easily browse through our pages and uncover which ones are totally your type. Chances are, all of them will be!

What We Offer

An Awesome Selection Of Caravans

One of the things we pride ourselves with is our choicest-of-choices caravan selection. Whether you’re looking for something that’s easy and light, to something grand and full-scale, you’ll discover the ideal caravan for you and your travelling group with us.

At the same time, we’re aware of what you might require along the way. Kitchens with stovetops, refrigerators, microwaves and sinks will let you feel as though you’re right at home, preparing home-cooked meals. Only, while you’re on the road.

Our caravans are also distinct in size, shape, and design because each one is meant for specific types of trips. Longer-than-long rides or short weekend getaways, we’ll have something for your odyssey (mini or not).

Budget-Wise Prices

We know what it’s like to travel within a budget. This is the reason why our aim is to offer caravan services at cost-effective prices. On that note, we want to earn your confidence from now on. Therefore what you will see is most definitely what you will get. No hullabaloo.

You give us your numbers and we’ll pair them with ours. On top of that, we won’t overstep in making the decision for you. We’ll present you with options and packages, tell you which ones will tango with your budget and which ones, not so. Then, we’ll take a step back and have you put your stamp on your pick. No-fuss.

Quality Like No Other

Yes, has economical prices. Nonetheless, quality is a standard we uphold to the maximum. Our caravans aren’t only designed with gorgeous aesthetics. They’re never bodgy. On the contrary, they’re intended for hard-wearing against differing weathering elements.

Whether you’ll be on a flat paved highway or a rough dirt road, our vehicles can traverse on them flawlessly.

Similarly, you can rest assured and be certain of the calibre of our caravans. They’re made to last, and last much longer than most. Long-term and repeated use won’t affect their overall make as that’s literally what they’re for. Extended trips without trouble.

Utmost Comfort

Another element we want you to have as you drive is lavish comfort, as though you’ve brought with you the couch and the bed from your own house. That’s what hiring or buying our caravans are for— so that you can take the comforts of home and have them with you on wheels.

Personal Service With Heart

You are the heart and soul of The reason why we uphold our standards and value Customer Service and Satisfaction is that we want to strengthen and care for our relationship with you, our dear customers.

Rather than focusing on numbers left and right, we centre on building confidence that leads to loyalty through our products and services rooted in honesty, excellence, and genuineness.

Our Goals, Our Vision

Your Satisfaction

Bringing you closer to experiences of a lifetime is what we aim to consistently do at We understand what it means to seek thrilling adventures on the road towards equally thrilling places far and wide.

The expedition starts when you step outside of your home and into a Ratesaver caravan. We won’t hold you back. Instead, we’ll usher you onward into finding that sweet spot of riding in the wondrous heat of the Australian sun and through its whispering breezes.

You and your family deserve to spend time together and have those moments be turned into memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, we’ll make sure that said moments will be so amazingly wonderful, you’ll want to keep coming back to us for more.

After all, that’s what being on the Australian road is all about— stretching the limits to wandering across its inviting terrain and taking in the splendour of the breathtaking sights from North to South, and East to West.

There’s never only one “best time” to hit the road because any time and any day with will be your best. Navigate the highways and winding paths through our caravans for comfortable, safe, and remarkable road trips.”